Healthcare -
where you are.

On-demand doctor visits

for employers in New York.

Healthcare -
where you are

On-demand doctor visits

for employers in New York.

Healthcare built around you

Virtual visits

Text with board certified
physicians or have a video call.

In-person visits

Book same day appointments in
25+ clinic locations in New York.

24/7 access to care

Get round the clock access to

quality healthcare with our app.

Happier employees

Cost is the main reason why people avoid getting healthcare in U.S. With Peppermint subscription all virtual and in-person visits are free.

Better healthcare

Affordable and quality healthcare is the most valued benefit for U.S. workers. All of our doctors are board-certified and state-licensed.

Simple yet convenient

Find a doctor and book a same day appointment with just a few taps.

Healthcare your employees love

How many employees do you have?​

How many employees do you have?​


2 to 50+ employees (including yourself)

Virtual visits


No copayment

In-person visits


No copayment



No copayment




Covered Services

¹Visit does not guarantee a medication will be ordered or refilled. It is the clinicians’ professional decision. It is prohibited by law to prescribe or refill controlled substances via virtual visits. ²Injections do not include vaccinations. Vaccinations can be bought for an additional fee.

Answers to questions you may have

Peppermint is a subscription-based healthcare service for on-demand virtual and in-person doctor visits. Peppermint services are available 24/7/365.

Peppermint is currently available for employers in New York.

Other U.S. states and individual plans will follow soon.

Peppermint works without the need for health insurance. Peppermint subscription covers general medical virtual visits, in-person visits and procedures without copays.

Peppermint does not bill your health insurance.

The monthly subscription is not tax-deductible. However, it is considered as business expense and could be written off.

Yes, since Peppermint is not an insurance product you can offer Peppermint to full-time and part-time employees. Peppermint subscription is designed to be compliant with labor laws.

Peppermint monthly subscription is $49/mo/employee – ($49) billed monthly.

Quarterly subscription is $39.69 mo/employee – ($119.70) billed quarterly.

Annual subscription is $29.40 mo/employee – ($352.80) billed annually.

There are additional discounts for companies that have more than 50 employees. Please contact us for pricing.

You can cancel Peppermint subscription anytime.

We accept all major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Peppermint uses Stripe for accepting payments.

We also offer wire transfer as a payment option for companies larger than 50 employees.

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